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Nickel Products factory 1. Molecular Formula: Ni2O3 CAS NO.: 1314-06-3 2. Molecular Weight:165.38 3. Property: It is gray or black color, soluble in acid, aqueous ammonia, hot perchloric acid and hot sulfuric acid, insoluble in water and liquid ammonia. 4. Sepcification(%): Gray black color Ni72min Co0.2max Cu0.2max Fe0.2max Zn0.1max Ca+Mg+Na1.5max 5. Application: Densification agent of porcelain enamel, pigment of enamel and glass, magnetic material, metallurgy, kinescope and raw materials for nickel salt and nickel catalyst.. 6. Packing: Net 25kg bags with pallet.锛?0bags/1000kg/pallet锛塐r 25kg drum.Nickel Products factory website:http://www.wqmetal.net/nickel-products/

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