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Automatic Steel Welding Pipe Machine company About Us Foshan Vello Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the suppliers specialized in manuafacturing high-end industrial welded pipe equipment and providing one-stop service in China. Based on 3 workshops( one material cutting workshop, one CNC center, one Assembly center), Yuanjianlan machinery manufacturing plant鈥檚 years of continuous improvement and pioneering experience, our company provides industrial precision welded pipe production line(maximum out diameter 762mm), high end precise S.S. welded tube mill, high precise S.S. hose tube mill, high speed S.S. small size welded tube mill as well as our service including: welded line leveling equipment, online bright annealing system, welded line tracking system, online EDDY monitor system and others. At present, industrial welded pipe equipment ( Yuanjianlan) occupies a large share in the Chinese domestic market. Our company adheres to the market policy of high efficiency, high quality and high cost performance. Since it鈥檚 establishment, the long-term cooperation customers include Wenzhou Futian Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Wanhua Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Wenzhou Bozhong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Foshan XingRong Stainless Steel Material Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Yunjia Metal Products Co., Ltd, Wuxi Renzhi Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, and many other large industrial pipe manufacturers. With years, we also sold to solid foreign market as Vietnam, India, America, Middle East and Europe in strict accordance with international standards. After years of unremitting efforts, we have many leading technologies in the world, such as L type combination molds( we got patent in China), which from the OD356mm to OD630mm we can use same shaping molds; High speed industrial welded line, the most fast and stable line could control the pipe OD tolerance under 5mm; High speed welded line tracking system; Heat preservation type bright solid solution equipment. It is highly recognized by users due to 50% improvement of production efficiency. Since its establishment, we have always believed in the twelve words policy of Vello Machinery: Service, Quality, Unique, Accuracy, Reliable, Efficiency.Automatic Steel Welding Pipe Machine company website:http://www.vello-machinery.com/ website2:http://www.vellomachinery.com/

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