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Cheap Glassware Mug Details Product Name: Glass latte mug Material: High Borosilicate Glass Color: Clear Capacity: 360ml Dimension: D: 8cm, Height: 9cm MOQ: 1000pcs (according to customer's request) Usage: Suitable for hot and cold beverage Food contact: safe. Available to provide testing. Packing: white box and bubble bag, or customized Feature: smooth rim, clear and transparent material, thermal shock resistance Application: perfect for home, hotel using, retaurant, party, etc. Suitable for coffee, milk, mixed drinks. Sample: you can choose our existed item or make customized product. Description A cup of freshly brewed coffee often brings us happy time, and so does our 300ml Double Wall Glass Latte Mug. It is made of high-quality borosilicate, with curved lines, transparent appearance and solid handle make it a perfect cup with large capacity. At the same time, it makes your every use safe and reliable, can withstand the temperature of - 4 掳 F to 302 掳 F, can well load all kinds of coffee, tea, milk, smoothies, juice and cold drinks, and accompany you through every relaxing moment at home. Features This 300ml Double Wall Glass Latte Mug is equipped with a wide handle, which is very comfortable and easy to take. Because of the light weight of the cup, even people with hand arthritis can easily pick it up. At the same time, it has a large capacity, can well meet your daily drinking needs, and is easy to clean, and is a perfect complement to any dining area. In addition, its surface is highly transparent and smooth, presenting a beautiful appearance like crystal, which will bring you a happy afternoon tea time year after year. If you want to learn more glass information or wan to see more similar glass cups, please feel free to glance over our website at www.decocraftproducts.com and you are welcome to contact us at email address manufacturing@decocraftproduts.com for any enquiry or ongoing projects.Cheap Glassware Mug website:http://www.decocraft-product.com/mug/glassware-mug/

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