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Industry Aluminium factory Produced by 30MN extruder Solid Bar Diameter: 64-113mm Seamless pipe material: Aluminum Alloy 1000, 3000 and 6000 series. More Information: 30MN extruder can produce : Aluminum Profile from 1~7 series seamless pipe : 1,3,6 series aluminum alloy . Below are aluminum alloy bar supplied from us Name: Aluminum alloy shell 1) Material : 6082 2) Temper : T6 3) Cross sectional area: 6500mm2 4)Used for :Hydraulic, motor key part with high pressure. And Name : Aluminum industry profile 1) Material : 7075 2) Temper : T6 3) Cross sectional area: 6000mm2 4)Used for :Mining machinery parts And Name : Aluminum alloy Rod 1) Material : 2024 2) Temper : T6 3) Diameter: 150mm 4)Used for :Petroleum, textile, automobile manufacturing, high precision turning parts What we control the melting? The melting & casting workshop is equipped with 2 sets of 10 Ton heat accumulation melting furnaces, 1set of 15 tons heat accumulation melting furnace, 2 sets of 10 tons tilting holding furnaces, 1 set of 15 tons tilting holding funaces, 1 set of 25 tons fixed holding furnace, 2 sets of 25 tons homogenizing furnaces, 1 set of 15 ton homogenizing furnace, 1 set of 25 tons cooling room, 1 set of 3 tons rectangle fixed 1 set of 25 tons cooling room. the workshop is capable of casting all varieties of round and hollow ingots of aluminum alloy from 1 to 8 series. Industry Aluminium factory website:http://www.aluminum-window.com/aluminium/

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