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Kinds of Legal directories:

  • General: These are directories covering all areas of law ranging from criminal to arbitration to media and technology etc.
  • Specific: These provide for directories specific to a particular practice area or region. For instance only civil lawyers of only IPR lawyers, firms etc.
  • Pay-to-play: These kind of directories provide for paid PR opportunities or advertising with different objectives, and are not very trustworthy in their analysis.
  • Independent: These directories conduct independent and objective analysis and can be trusted in their rankings for being impartial.
  • Printed publications: They are published in the form of books and can be physically accessed as well as online if uploaded.
  • Online databases: They are only available in online mode and have a huge database of lawyers worldwide or a particular country, for instance, xpertslegal.com is a unique interactive online networking and ranking platform for lawyers practising and specialising in various fields of law which helps to find top lawyers in India based on expertise, court of practise, etc. It also helps law firms expand their online visibility or collaborate with other professionals etc.

Advantages of a legal directory

  • For lawyers: Being listed on a legal directory has many benefits for a lawyer or firm, namely:-
  1. Networking with other lawyers or peers on a common platform
  2. Gain exposure to the happenings in their practice area or generally in the legal field.
  3. It elevates a firm’s or Partner’s reputation and is included in marketing activities to promote their standing.
  4. Helps in recruiting talented lawyers after researching their quality of work.
  • For litigants/clients: Having access to free lawyer directory listings can benefit clients with:
  1. Research potential lawyers by comparing their qualifications and experience, and find the right attorney to meet their legal needs.
  2. Helps in third-party assessment of a firm’s or individual Partner’s capabilities.
  3. Saves research cost, time and effort as the information required before picking the right legal representative is available online free of cost.


Being listed in a lawyers directory is becoming increasingly important for lawyers today, as it not only marks their presence online, but also helps them grow their business worldwide. Quality is key when it comes to picking the right legal directory. A lawyer may not need a profile in every single directory, but he requires robust presence in multiple directories. They are of a great help in finding the best lawyer in India or worldwide in every field.

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