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will play the 2020 NFL season at 43 years old, making him the oldest starting quarterback in the league. His coach with the , Bruce Arians, will coach most of the season at 68 years old, making Clarence Weatherspoon Jersey him the third-oldest coach in the NFL. (Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick are the only older coaches.) With the exception of the division rival , it's arguable that no team is more all-in on the 2020 season than the Bucs.And that's just fine with general manager Jason Licht, who is about having the league's oldest coach-quarterback combination."I don't have a lot of concerns on that right now," Licht said, per ESPN.com. "We Markelle Fultz Jersey have a head coach that, to be quite frank, isn't gonna be here for the next 15, 20 years coaching the Buccaneers. So I think it was actually a perfect marriage: You've got two guys that have got something to prove; they want to win, they want to win now; they've got the same mindset." There have been questions regarding the potential fit between Brady and Arians when it comes to their style of offense, with Brady tending to favor shorter, quicker throws Jahlil Okafor Jersey over the past several years and Arians employing his famed "no risk it, no biscuit" philosophy. Both coach and quarterback have expre sed confidence that they'll be able to make it work, and their general manager feels the same Charles Barkley Jersey way. He credits the hiring of Arians with being part of the draw for Brady in the first place."Getting Tom here, quite frankly, started with hiring Bruce last year," Licht said. "I don't know if we would be in this situation right now without Bruce Arians as our head coach. And they're kind of living parallel lives right now; they've got something to prove, and they want to do it now." The Bucs have a window over the next year or two to get themselves over the top, and there's no question that adding Brady has cracked that window open wider than it was Gerald Henderson Jersey before. The 2020 season could be the last, best chance for both Brady and Arians, and Licht seems OK with that.

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