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wide receiver isn't involved in the all the drama between and Mike Mayock, but for some reason, he did decide to throw some shade at the general manager on Thursday. A few hours after it was reported that Brown and Mayock at a Wednesday practice, Kyler Murray Jersey Thomas sent out this tweet. I wouldnt take Mike Mayock to serious either for the simple fact he had the nerves to rank 5 guys higher then me coming out the draft. And we all know how that worked out . Who Dat tho Michael Thomas (@Cantguardmike) If we can take one thing away from that tweet, it's that Thomas definitely isn't a fan of Isaiah Simmons Jersey Mayock. The other takeaway from that tweet is that we might want to start calling Thomas "The Elephant," because he clearly never Antonio Hamilton Jersey forgets. Despite the fact that he just in NFL history, it seems like Thomas is still slightly bitter about the grade Mayock had on him going into the 2016 NFL Draft. If you're wondering who Mayock had in front of Thomas three years ago, his : 1. , Ole Mi s 2. , Baylor 3. , TCU 4. , Notre Dame T-5. , Oklahoma T-5. Patrick Peterson Jersey Michael Thomas, Ohio State NFL teams apparently graded Thomas the same way as Mayock did, because he ended up being the sixth receiver taken in the draft, going 47th overall to New Orleans (Coleman went 15th overall to the , Fuller went 21st overall to the , Doctson went 22nd overall to the , Treadwell went 23rd overall to the and Shepard went 40th overall to the ). The bottom line Malcolm Butler Jersey here is that the timing of Thomas' tweet was almost certainly not a coincidence. After hearing that Mayock got into it with a fellow receiver, Thomas went out of his way to rip the Raiders general manager for his ability to scout talent.

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