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New Banking 

The Tranzact Visa debit card is revolutionizing the world of banking with its powerful rewards program that doubles your buying power. Unlike traditional banking reward programs, Tranzact matches every dollar you spend with a reward dollar called a ZBuck. For example, 50,000 points in a conventional banking reward program may only earn you a round trip airfare with many restrictions. But with Tranzact, 50,000 points equals $50,000 in ZBucks, which can be redeemed in an exclusive marketplace for goods ranging from diapers to household goods to bucket list vacations and beyond. ZBucks are a straight up dollar-for-dollar value, so you won't be using 20,000 ZBucks to get a $12.00 cooler like most skimpy bank reward programs. Every time you use your Tranzact card for gas, groceries, bills, and other purchases, you unleash the power of your spending.

Benefits of Tranzact card

The TranzactCard is focused on its members and offers perks such as a 500 ZBuck cardholder bonus the first time the card is swiped. You can also earn 500 ZBucks by referring someone to Tranzact and helping them get their own card. Tranzact also offers other programs to promote financial literacy, including a traditional cash back program at participating retail partners and a power save account that earns a percentage of all purchases.

Digital Branch Officer

But Tranzact is more than just a card. It also offers a business opportunity to own a digital franchise and be a Digital Branch Officer (DBO). By promoting Tranzact to others and encouraging them to use the card, you can benefit outside the actual cardholder experience. As a DBO, you can get paid every time someone in your network swipes a Tranzact card. Tranzact is looking for 5000 DBOs as founding members who will enjoy the benefit of receiving company assigned customers for your Digital Branch. Bonus: use this link to gain access to a comprehensive free marketing system with capture pages, automated email follow up, along with access to qualified leads, text marketing, and ringless voicemails to help you grow your branch.

to Know more about Tranzact Card, have a Look at This beautiful video ( https://tranzactcard.zoom.us/rec/share/bSjZj9vJ8rdpuCmnkZuPCVPqmYavk-3zSq6RPQ9HP-fMC2Rsx0TXa_PAW8pT-KOe.eD4jaGiv1yYM0Lor )

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Tranzact is ushering in a new ecosystem in banking that benefits the customers more than the banks. The timing could not be more perfect as shrinking budgets are paving the way for DBOs to share how to stretch every dollar as far as possible. Join Tranzact's talented team and become a part of this revolutionary new way of banking.


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