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They started the season with 3 wins in the first 6 rounds, but all 3 wins were achieved at home. However, regardless of their good form, it is not easy for a third division team to face a team two divisions above them. Their chances of progressing in the National Cup are not very high.

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On the other hand, Bodo/Glimt has emerged as a formidable team in Norwegian football in recent seasons. They have overshadowed teams like Molde and traditional powerhouses like Rosenborg and Tromso. Currently, Bodo/Glimt is leading the Norwegian top league with a tremendous form. They have won 7 and only drawn 1 out of their first 8 matches this season. With their squad depth, Bodo/Glimt should have enough strength to defeat Mosjoen.

  • Asian handicap analysis: As mentioned above, even with their backup players and playing away from home, it should not be too difficult for Bodo/Glimt to secure a place in the next round of the Norwegian National Cup.

Choose: Bodo/Glimt for the full match Asian handicap.

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  • Over/under analysis: Both teams have many important matches ahead in their respective leagues. The gap between them in this match also means that both sides may not fully focus on this particular game. The likelihood of a low-scoring match is high.

Choose: Under for the full match over/under.

Score prediction: Mosjoen 0-2 Bodo/Glimt Asian handicap: Choose Bodo/Glimt Over/under: Choose Under

Please note that sports predictions are based on analysis and expert opinions, and there is always a degree of uncertainty in sports outcomes.

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