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PaperWriter, a popular academic writing platform, promises professional papers at low prices. This platform is a good choice, with a price tag of just $5. There are still questions that people are most interested in, so we aim to answer them in this review.

Is PaperWriter legit? How does the price get calculated? How are they able to offer discounted prices and high quality papers? Are there additional fees for plagiarism checks? What are their unique features? Continue reading to learn more.

The website is easy to navigate and there is a live chat option if you need help. Prices start at $10 per page and you can choose from a variety of deadline options. Paperwriter.com also offers discounts for first-time customers and for bulk orders.


The company employs professional writers who are experts in their field. All essays are 100% original and written to customer specifications. Customer service is responsive and helpful. Overall, paperwriter.com is a good choice for those who need an essay writing service.

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